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Happy 195th birthday to Henry David Thoreau! Thoreau was an American philosopher, naturalist, and a leading transcedentalist. His essays on the relationship between people and nature are credited with inspiring the conservation movement. His masterpiece, Walden chronicles his two years living in the woods and is considered a nature classic. Learn more about Thoreau’s legacy at The Walden Woods Project.

Have you had your animal video fix today? No? Then, watch this video taken by Beacon editor Alexis Rizutto of American Bison in Yellowstone National Park. It is estimated that 40 million bison once roamed the land. Then, they were hunted close to extinction. But thanks to conservation efforts, they now number nearly 450,000 in North America. Read about conservation efforts in Mr. Hornaday’s War.

Stefan Bechtel, author of Mr. Hornaday’s War, gives a short introduction to the book’s star: William Temple Hornaday!