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Elinor Lipman wants your vote!

We’re excited to show everyone the cover for Elinor Lipman’s TWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, on sale August 28! Want to pre-order? Interesting fact: the book came to be because of Grub Street’s 2012 Muse and Marketplace literary conference earlier this month.

A landmark day! A joy to tweet/His evolution is complete/Go forth & wed, all “I do’s” equal/Don’t-ask-don’t-tell gets gutsy sequel
Elinor Lipman on President Obama’s announcement May 9th in support of gay marriage
Adieu last moderate Richard Lugar
A toast w. champagne & beluga
T-party didn’t like your style
They hate that reach across the aisle
Elinor Lipman, one of her daily poetic political tweets (soon to be turned into a book by Beacon Press, coming this September!). Follow her on Twitter. Subscribe to her on Facebook.